• Add Interest To Your Hardscape With Stone Products

    Have you decided to do away with part of the grass in your back yard and replace it with a hardscape? Maybe you have decided that you want to lessen your gardening workload and save water at the same time. If you are creating a hardscape, maybe you already know exactly how you want it to look. However, if you are looking for ideas that will add interest to the hardscape, here are some tips that might help you.
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  • Spring Planning: A Gardeners Guide To Beating The Winter Blues

    If you thrive on gardening and being outdoors surrounded by nature, winter can cause a serious case of the gardener's blues. You look out across your landscape and all you see is bareness, ice, or snow. However, you don't have to let the winter season get you down, and planning for spring is the best way to beat the winter blues. Create a plan What changes do you want to make to your outdoor landscape this year?
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