Add Interest To Your Hardscape With Stone Products

Posted on: 31 March 2020

Have you decided to do away with part of the grass in your back yard and replace it with a hardscape? Maybe you have decided that you want to lessen your gardening workload and save water at the same time. If you are creating a hardscape, maybe you already know exactly how you want it to look. However, if you are looking for ideas that will add interest to the hardscape, here are some tips that might help you.

Focus On Stone Products

Consider having small stone pebbles as the foundation of your hardscape. Another idea is to have both concrete and stone pebbles as the foundation. If you choose concrete, consider faux painting it to add a bit of color to the hardscape. For instance, the concrete could have the look of an old pebble road. Place the stone pebbles artistically throughout the concrete foundation, maybe even in a specific shape. A star, a flower shape or a sun shape are all good ideas for the placing of the pebbles.

Add Large Stone Products

Add drama to your hardscape by placing large stone statues in strategic places. For instance, purchase a large stone jug that can easily be placed on its side, giving it the effect of being tipped over. Instead of placing flowers coming out of the jug, arrange colored stones in a way that they will look like they are cascading out of the jug's opening. Buy large stone koi fish to place near the jug. The end effect might look like the koi fish are swimming in the cascade of stones that have given the appearance of a river.

Small Stones Add Pizzaz

Purchase small stone flower shapes and a larger stone creature that would be actually be found in nature. For instance, a stone butterfly, dragonfly, lizard, or bird would all be good choices. Surround the creature with the stone flowers. You will have created a beautiful and natural scene.

Add Easy To Care For Plants

You might still want some color in your hardscape. If so, consider selecting plants that flourish in your area and that will be very easy to care for. Some ideas are to buy succulents, cacti, and different grasses. Place them among the stone products you have used to create your hardscape as the finishing touch.

For more information about stone products, reach out to a stone supplier in your area.