Illuminate Your Garden And Surrounding Areas

Posted on: 30 November 2020

Your prized rose bushes or beefsteak tomatoes may not be getting the attention they deserve. If you spend many hours gardening on a weekly basis but would like to appreciate the garden and surrounding features at night, use some clever lighting options to increase visibility both in and around the garden.

LED Path Lights

Use LED path lights to create an outline that leads from the garden to the seating area. LED path lights are tall and narrow and won't cause much disruption to your property, since they each contain a thin anchoring device that can be pushed through the ground's surface. This type of lighting is also sufficient for enhancing flowers in potted containers or plants that are growing inside of the garden.

If you are going to be serving up some of the fresh produce that you have harvested, use LED path lights to outline your garden and to border a cozy dining area that contains a pergola or canopy rooftop. LED lights that are solar or battery-operated will prevent excessive electrical cords that could detract from the visual appearance that you are attempting to promote. 

Lantern Lighting And Individual Setups

Purchase lantern lighting options that include mini lantern replicas that are battery-operated and connected to a wire. Use the pergola or canvas covering as an anchoring material and secure the lights around the edges of either covering. LED glass bulbs that are a yellow hue will naturally detract pests, since flying insects are more inclined to congregate near areas that utilize clear bulbs that produce bright light. The softer lighting hue that is produced will add a relaxing vibe to the outdoor seating area.

Place furnishings underneath the covering and choose a lighting setup that can be used to highlight additional features. Maybe you would like to enjoy the fragrance of a specific flower variety. A vase or a pot can be used as a centerpiece. After clipping flower stems and arranging the flowers inside of the holder that will be displayed on the table, use portable drop lighting or a round paper dome light to highlight the items.

Suspend either light type from the center of the pergola or canvas covering, ensuring that the light is directly aimed at the floral arrangement. During group meals that will feature fresh vegetables that you harvested, use a large bowl to display the items that have been picked and washed and supply knives and a cutting board. Place the vegetables on the table that is set up under the pergola or canopy.

Contact a company that offers garden lighting services for more ideas.