4 Tips To Prepare For A Gravel Delivery

Posted on: 28 June 2021

Gravel can make an excellent landscape mulch in areas where you need fast drainage and minimal maintenance. Having it delivered is the simplest way to go, but you must first prepare for the delivery.

1. Stage the Delivery Location

It may not be possible to have the gravel delivered exactly where you need it, especially if the spot is not easily accessible by the gravel truck. You will need a staging area that is both accessible for the delivery and as close to the area of installation as possible. You should also avoid placing the gravel on lawn areas, as it will damage the grass. For many homes, the best spot ends up being a driveway or patio. Lay down a heavy-duty tarp to help prevent the gravel from straying into bordering lawn areas or garden beds.

2. Buy or Rent Helpful Tools

It's a good idea to have any tools you need on hand before the delivery arrives, so you aren't stuck with a giant pile of gravel while you scramble to collect everything you need. The main thing necessary is a way to transport the gravel, and a wheelbarrow is usually the best option. You will also need shovels for moving the gravel into the barrow or installation site, as well as rakes. You may also need tools like a sod cutter when you are preparing the site for eventual gravel installation.

3. Create the Installation Bed

Having the installation area ready before the delivery will make the project go much more quickly. All sod should be removed from the site, and it should be dug down to 3 to 6 inches in depth — 3 inches if you are planting in the gravel, and 6 inches if it will be a gravel pathway. For pathways, it helps prevent weeds to lay down 2-3 inches of sand and tamp it down firmly. Sand shouldn't be used in areas you will be planting, as the roots must be able to reach the soil beneath the gravel in order to put on healthy growth.

4. Line the Installation Area

The next preparation step is to line the area with heavy-duty landscape plastic and install a border edging. The edging holds down the plastic and prevents the gravel from straying out of the site. When installing the plastic, overlap seams to prevent weeds from growing through. Plastic serves the purpose of both excluding weeds and of keeping the gravel from traveling into the soil, in the event you wish to remove it someday.

If you have further questions about gravel delivery, contact a local service.