Consider These Accessories When Shopping For An ATV For Ice Fishing

Posted on: 13 July 2016

If you enjoy the winter sport of ice fishing, the right gear can make the experience easier and more enjoyable. Buying a Polaris ATV can be a valuable ally when you're ice fishing. While ATVs aren't always associated with this activity, they can be useful due to their versatility. There are a number of accessories that you can consider buying at the same time. Like other ATV accessories, these can be mounted and then removed, meaning that you won't have to worry about them getting in the way during the summer months. Here are some valuable ATV accessories to consider for ice fishing.

Ice Auger Mount

One of the heaviest pieces of gear that you'll need to carry out to your fishing spot is your gas-powered ice auger, but there's a better strategy than just securing it to one of the ATV's storage racks. Instead, invest in an auger mount. This specialized mount will allow you to attach your auger to the ATV itself — often adjacent to the front storage rack. The mount will allow you to position the auger horizontally across the rack when you're driving and then move it into a vertical position to begin drilling, all while it's still attached to the vehicle. This will give the auger stability and make the drilling process much easier on you.

Extended Shelter Rack

Unless you have a large structure that stays on the frozen water all winter long, you'll likely use a portable shelter that you set up and take down at the start and end of your fishing outing. The problem is that this shelter is too large to fit on your standard ATV rack. To avoid this issue, consider an extended shelter rack. Mounted at the rear of your ATV, this rack extends outward by several feet, easily allowing you to transport a large portable ice shelter.

Heated Hand Grips

A day of ice fishing can make your hands cold enough that it's a challenge to move your fingers, but you can avoid this unpleasant situation by buying a set of heated hand grips. These can easily be installed on your ATV and will make your hands warm and comfortable on the ride out to your fishing spot. This will allow you to be able to tie your lures and set up your gear with ease — something that isn't often possible when your hands are extremely cold from the journey.