Plant Your Favorite Flowers And Foliage In A Homemade Flowerbed

Posted on: 23 December 2015

If your front yard is bare and you would like to complete an easy project that will enhance the way that your property looks, learn how to set up a flowerbed to display some of your favorite types of flowers and foliage. Once the plants have been added to the bed, place wood chips around the base of each one to prevent weeds from growing and to assist with water retention.


  • measuring tape
  • garden stakes
  • garden tiller
  • large shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • flowers and foliage
  • hand shovel
  • soil
  • water hose
  • wood chips
  • decorative bricks or rocks

Measure And Clear The Land

Decide where you would like to place the flowerbed. Mark this section with garden stakes. Use a measuring tape to assist with keeping the stakes lined up evenly. Remove large pieces of debris from the section that is in between the stakes. Push a garden tiller across the section in straight lines to loosen grass and weeds. Use a garden shovel to remove the loosened materials and place them in a wheelbarrow.

Plant Flowers And Foliage And Add Wood Chips

Use a hand shovel to dig small holes throughout the flowerbed. Make sure that each hole is deep enough to hold each plant's root system. Insert the root system of each plant in one of the holes and cover it with soil. Water the base of each plant with a water hose.

Place a layer of wood chips around the base of each plant. The wood chips will prevent weeds from growing in the flowerbed and will help the soil that is around the newly planted flowers and foliage retain moisture so that the plants do not dry out. You can also place wood chips throughout the entire flowerbed so that weeds do not grow in other areas where you haven't planted any flowers or foliage. Use a rake to spread the chips out evenly. 

Create A Border And Maintain The Flowerbed

Create a border around the flowerbed with decorative bricks or rocks. Use a measuring tape to line each decorative material up evenly. Press the bricks or rocks firmly into the ground until they are stable. The new flowerbed will be easy to maintain. Add water to each plant once or twice each week or whenever weather conditions are dry. The wood chips will last for months and can be rearranged if they are blown around by the wind by spreading them back across the flowerbed with a rake. 

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