Three Reasons Why You Should Buy A Zero Turn Mower Now

Posted on: 18 December 2015

It may be the middle of winter in most parts of the U.S., but this particular time of the year is the best time to buy zero turn mowers. Most people are not even thinking about mowing their lawns as they prep snowblowers for those blizzards that will come. If you have wanted to buy a zero turn mower for a really long time, now is the time to buy one, and here is why.

Buying Lawn and Garden Equipment out of Season Means Lower Prices

Because it is winter, lawn and garden equipment is taking up valuable space in the back-of-house storage. Retailers want it gone and they are willing to move it at whatever price it takes to make a sale. That means that buying this type of mower, a large, bulky ride-on, is at its lowest price all year.

Take Advantage of Special Holiday Pricing Too

Every retailer tries to make up their financial losses during the Christmas season. While it may seem funny or odd to sell large lawn and garden equipment (e.g., lawn tractors, brush mowers, zero turn mowers) at Black Friday prices, it is still an effective way to get rid of old inventory and provide customers like yourself with an item you have been waiting to buy. Prices usually will not be this low again until tax season, and then probably not as low as they are on Black Friday. You could score a double-deal-of-the-century if you buy your mower A) out of season, and B) during the holiday rush to buy lots of gifts.

Mowers, Like Cars, Have Closeout Models

Riding mowers with zero-degree turn capabilities have year-end closeout sales. Just like cars, the models you have seen on the retailer's display floor all year have to go because newer models and updated versions are coming out next spring (or sooner). By buying the mower you want now, you are getting a great deal and helping the retailer make room for the new mowers next mowing season. While you will not be able to heckle the store associate or successfully bargain a lower price like you would with a car, you may still be able to price-match your purchase in the event that you spot it cheaper somewhere else. The retailer may even price-adjust your sales receipt in the event that a future sale (that includes the mower you bought now at a slightly higher price) decreases your purchase price even more.