6 Tricks To Making Your Small Yard Appear A Lot Larger

Posted on: 9 September 2015

So, you purchased a new home with the drawback of a small backyard. You might have had plans for your new yard and now they're ruined because you had to compromise on space. Yet, they don't have to be. Here are a few tricks to help you turn your small backyard into some magnificent:

1. Plan and Define Your Space.

The first step in making your small landscape area appear more open and larger is planning and organization. Define each space in the yard to ensure that its purpose is clear to guests. Delineate a lounging area or a dining area with a patio. Separate the play area for the kids from the lounging or dining area with subtle plantings.

2. Make Use of Vertical Gardening.

Gardening space is a very valuable commodity in small yards. Therefore, when you're in tight quarters, consider using any vertical surfaces that are available to plant up. You can grow vegetables, herbs or flowering vines. Regardless of what you plant, the vertical garden helps to soften the boundaries in your landscape, creates a beautifully green oasis to step into after a long hard day at work and helps to encourage a larger feel.

3. Don't Leave Out Your Side Yard.

Side yards are one part of the landscape that are frequently ignored because they are usually used to store the garbage can or homeowners simply think that there isn't enough room for the space to serve a purpose. However, side yards consist of precious square footage that can add to the amount of usable space that you have for landscaping. Use this side yard to plant an herb garden or place a small café table that can be used for a start-of-the-morning retreat.

4. Create an Outdoor Destination.

One of the best ways to go about turning a small landscaping area into something far more grand is by creating a destination around the landscape. Rather than simply having a back yard, turn it into an outdoor room that serves as any extension to your home. You can place a patio set and a grill outside on the patio or you can add a fire pit, fountain or even a reading nook to make the area worth visiting and comfortable.

5. Add Architectural Features.

Although they can typically only be used in the warmer weather, pergolas and arbors are some of the best perennial architectural features to help create a more spacious-looking landscape. You can use these to hang a swing, frame a view or plant a climbing garden. These backyard structures are tall, which helps to give the illusion of additional space. However, their features help add character and curiosity to the space.

6. Make Use of Levels.

In a tight space, you may have a hard time expanding outward, but you shouldn't have much of an issue expanding upward. With that being said, you will want to consider incorporating leveled or terraced landscaping. Install an outdoor fireplace and sink the sitting area around it. Raise your dining area a couple of feet above the rest of the landscape. Terracing can create more upper space for you to plant your favorite blooms, herbs or vegetables, while leaving the lower levels for bench seating.

If you're looking to make your tiny backyard seem a lot larger than it is, a landscape design professional may can help you figure out the best tricks and strategies to implement to get the most bang for your buck.