Important Information About High-Quality Gas Can Caps, Vents And Spouts

Posted on: 8 September 2015

Have you ever lost expensive fuel while trying to pour it into your lawnmower? Maybe you have spilled kerosene while trying to fill up your kerosene heater. The can spouts and lids that come with some cans are not properly designed to pour easily, thus your reason for needing caps, vents and spouts that will allow you to easily aim and pour fuel or other liquids from a can.

Why Choose Replacement Spouts And Vents?

Most everyone knows the price of fuel is getting higher and higher. When you are filling up a smaller tank, like that of your lawnmower, losing a little fuel each time makes a huge difference over time in the actual cost to use that machine. Using a replacement vent cap with a spout that bends easily will allow you to pour fuels without spilling a drop.

What About Hard To Find Caps For Older Metal And Plastic Cans?

If the gas cans you use have been around for a while, you may have a hard time locating caps that fit them correctly. Some gas cap kits have a variety of lid replacements, making it easier to find one to fit. However, if you have purchased cap and lid kits, writing to the can's manufacturer can be helpful. Bear in mind some can manufacturers may have gone out of business, especially if the can is older than ten years. Most replacement cap and lid kits do include some caps that are designed to fit older cans, most of them being made out of plastic materials. You can use some plastic replacement caps on older metal cans.

The Importance Of Strainers In Pouring Spouts

Preserving the engines of your lawnmower and other gas fueled machines is necessary for them to run for longer. However, when you purchase fuel that has trash in it, you are unknowingly placing a hardship on an engine. Always make sure the spout and caps you choose come complete with built-in strainers for catching any debris that may be in fuel. Doing so could help save you a lot of money later on for engine repairs.

When You Need To Add A Vent Cap

Some gas cans, especially plastic ones, were designed to provide venting through the spout. If you no longer have the spout, you may need to add a fuel can vent for promoting easy flow while pouring. To add a vent cap, simply drill a small hole in the top of the can opposite of the spout. Vent caps usually come with replacement cap kits. Insert the vent cap into the hole you have drilled and that is it. When pouring from a can that has a vent cap, opening the cap to let air through it will allow you to have a faster flow of liquid from the spout.